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Etched In My Heart was founded in 2007 based upon the need to provide pet lovers a custom gift or personalized frame that have beautiful designs specific to dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and birds. Etched In My Heart’s goal is to bring our customers quality pet lovers gifts and pet memorial gifts that you, your family and friends would be proud to display in the home, garden or office.

Fun Times At the Etched In My Heart Facility

Bath time for a little hitch-hiker!

After just parking her car, one of our PetSave volunteers heard
several frantic meows coming from around the vehicle. After searching high and low, she discovered this little ball of fur hiding in one of the wheel-wells. To her horror and amazement, this little dare devil had just taken a 30 minute ride with her on the freeway! Full of fleas and a little oil, Freeway (as he was soon called) had his first bath. Soon after, PetSave was able to find him a nice loving home and as far as we know, he is a devoted indoor more cars for him!

"Don't Mind Me... I'll Just Take A Quick Nap"

Mr. Handsome (Mr. "H"), is one of the alley cats that adopted PetSave at their former San Pedro location. Having been an outside cat for as long as we have known him, we were a little afraid that he would not adapt well to being inside at our new location. Not only has he made it his new 'home' but he has made himself 'at home' including disrupting the view of the company's computer! (as cats usually do!)

"I'm Sorry...Got Anything Bigger?"

As cats do, Mr. H is sampling a new bed to call his own (as we all know, one of about 300 others scattered throughout the building). This 'bed' is actually in preparation for this weeks hay truck arrival. We bring in around 22 bales which only last from 4-5 weeks depending on how many guests have checked in and out of our hotel.

We will continue to add fun stories and photos as they happen. Visit us at to see all we offer in personalized gifts for people who love their pet friends.