Thank You! With every gift you purchase, you help us find rescued pets loving homes!

The PetSave Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Bona Tucker in June 2000 as a rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption resource for domestic rabbits, cats and dogs. PetSave Foundation's mission is to provide a safe haven for rescued pets and to provide the public with any information necessary to reduce pet overpopulation and ensure that the pet-guardian relationship provides a lifetime, loving home for the pet.

The PetSave Foundation has also provided much needed help to other local dog, cat and rabbit rescue groups. From the bottle feeding of puppies to providing a warm shelter for cats or the temporary care and feeding of bunnies in route to new homes, The PetSave Foundation has given maximum effort towards helping other organizations devoted to this worthy cause.

Etched In My Heart was founded in 2007 based upon the need to provide pet lovers a custom gift or personalized frame that have beautiful designs specific to dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and birds. Etched In My Heart’s goal is to bring our customers quality pet lovers gifts and pet memorial gifts that you, your family and friends would be proud to display in the home, garden or office.

In early 2011, efforts were made to combine PetSave’s rescue shelter and Etched In My Heart’s production office under one roof. They now reside in a 3000 sq. ft. building in Hawthorne, California. Here in this (already too small) building, we hope to bring you into our world through fun photos and stories about our very pampered pet friends (rescues) and the great volunteers that clean, feed, groom and love them.

Please note that Etched In My Heart is a for-profit venture and contributes a percentage of everything you purchase to The PetSave Foundation and to other rescue groups. Our staff also donates their time as volunteers to PetSave and other rescue organizations. If you would like to a make donation to The PetSave Foundation, please visit the website at

Fun Times At the PetSave Facility

Flemish Giants In Da House! (Princess tent actually)

These guys are BIG!!! Flemish Giants can grow to 16 pounds or more! These two buns came to us via the Bunderground Railroad i.e., when a number of good folks volunteer to drive the rabbits from city to city, sometimes clear across the USA. Blackberry and Pearl were actually raised to be food but some good soul rescued them and now there here and we hope to find them a good home soon.

Bath time for a little hitch-hiker!

After just parking her car, one of our PetSave volunteers heard
several frantic meows coming from around the vehicle. After searching high and low, she discovered this little ball of fur hiding in one of the wheel-wells. To her horror and amazement, this little dare devil had just taken a 30 minute ride with her on the freeway! Full of fleas and a little oil, Freeway (as he was soon called) had his first bath. Soon after, PetSave was able to find him a nice loving home and as far as we know, he is a devoted indoor more cars for him!

Rabbits Give Kisses??

Yes they do! Remember what Bugs Bunny used to do to Elmer Fudd all the time. That's right. He'd lay a big wet one on him. After cleaning and doing all kinds of chores, Phil takes a moment to receive his just-rewards from Patches. Rabbits have different personalities, just like dogs and cats. Some love to be with people and others...well you know the story. Patches here lays several little wet ones on Phil's nose cause he knows there's an extra handful of greens for being all cuddly and cute.

"Don't Mind Me... I'll Just Take A Quick Nap"

Mr. Handsome (Mr. "H"), is one of the alley cats that adopted PetSave at their former San Pedro location. Having been an outside cat for as long as we have known him, we were a little afraid that he would not adapt well to being inside at our new location. Not only has he made it his new 'home' but he has made himself 'at home' including disrupting the view of the company's computer! (as cats usually do!)

The Cat House

With our new location, there is now plenty of room to roam... and play, and sleep and of course, get lots of hugs from all the volunteers. Grace holds up Cupcake, a feral kitten that she found in her backyard. After a few weeks of constant 'smooches' from our whole gang, this little hisser is now 'purring like a kitten!'

As Fat Albert Likes To Say..."Hay, Hay, Hay"

What most folks don't know about rabbits... is that they need hay! Housing over 100+ bunnies looking for new homes requires alot of hay. Phil is shown here stacking the last heavy bale from today's shipment. The blue bags on top are one of our efforts to make money to feed and care for all of our rescues. Some of the hay is sold to our local rabbit lovers who need good quality hay for their furry friends.

"Knock Knock...Room Service!"

Cleaning day for the pampered buns! Actually, every day is cleaning day but the big day is on Saturday when we have a host of volunteers that sign up through L.A. Works, a volunteer resource center in Los Angeles. We also have volunteers from the local high schools and colleges looking for those much need credits for graduation.

"I'm Sorry...Got Anything Bigger?"

As cats do, Mr. H is sampling a new bed to call his own (as we all know, one of about 300 others scattered throughout the building). This 'bed' is actually in preparation for this weeks hay truck arrival. We bring in around 22 bales which only last from 4-5 weeks depending on how many guests have checked in and out of our hotel.

We will continue to add fun stories and photos as they happen. Visit us at to see all we offer in personalized gifts for people who love their pet friends.